Year Old Diabetic Sores Healed Naturally

My Name is Linda and I have diabetes. It is unfortunate but this disease causes wounds that are hard to heal. I had wounds that were over a year old and I could not heal them no matter what I tried. My friend Gary told me about Schmitz Drawing Salve healing my father’s staph infection in 2 weeks and suggested I try it on my sores. To my total amazement, in less than 2 weeks, I had generated new skin over the sores after using the salve. I think Schmitz Salve® works almost miraculously because I believe it increased the circulation to my wound areas which helped my year old wounds heal. I also believe it helps reduce scarring.
I know you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t looking for a truly great product. Take my advice and stop looking because you found it, Schmitz Drawing Salve. To top it off, it is all natural.

Linda, Oskaloosa, Kansas

His Arm Would Not Heal for Three Months

Schmitz Salve

In November my husband developed a very bad sore on his left forearm. We tried many antibacterial creams and salves to heal it but had no success so we scheduled a meeting with our Doctor. Then a friend recommended we trying this Salve because he knew of many instances where it healed where nothing else would work. After the first day, we saw noticeable improvement after using Schmitz Drawing Salve. Three days into the treatment, we canceled the appointment with our Doctor.

As the sore got better each day. We realized my husband had a reaction to the adhesive used on the bandage. So for his sensitive skin we switched to non-stick pads and paper tape. What a difference. After only 7 days using the salve, it was almost completely healed. We highly recommend you give it a try. From now on, we will use Schmitz Drawing Salve on all our sores. We think you will love it too and be totally astonished at the healing power of C. Schmitz Drawing Salve.

Manard and Judy from California

Post-Surgery Did Not Heal

Having torn the left bicep muscle away from the elbow, I had to have surgery to have it reattached. After the surgery, most of the 2 inch incision healed but 3/8 of an inch would not heal. This area was swollen up an eighth of an inch and continued to ooze clear liquid for about six weeks. I made it back to Kansas City and got a hold of some Schmitz drawing salve and put it on it. The very next day the swollen area had laid completely flat and appeared to be closed.

I kept putting the salve on and three days later, white thread was pulled from my arm. I continued applying salve and two days later, more white thread was pulled from my arm. A couple days after that the incision was completely healed.

The drawing effects of this salve are simply amazing and it has helped reduce the scarring from my incision also. Thanks to the generosity of the Schmitz family for they have helped me and so many other people throughout the years.

Gary – San Leandro, California

Arm Wound Wouldn’t Heal For Over 3 Months

This wound was on Manard’s forearm for months. Everything they tried would not help heal this. Finally they called a doctor, but within a few days of trying C. Schmitz Drawing Salve on the wound they cancelled their doctor’s appointment.

Within a few days his arm started to itch from about the wrist to the shoulder, which was due to how far the infection had spread inside his arm. The itching was the healing process as the salve was drawing the infection out. Because there was such a large area infected under the skin, the wound never healed to lock it in. Our bodies are amazing and this is more than just an ointment, it is something that naturally helps take top quality ingredients and helps even the most sensitive of skins fight infections. Thus helping heal wounds in record time. Results may vary per individual. If a rash breaks out, discontinue use.

Manard’s picture testimonial shows how the infection looked worse after a few days due to the infection being drawn out from under the skin. Yet in less than a week the wound looked better, while there was an allergic reaction to the adhesive on the bandage.

Manard’s Testimonial with Before, During and After Pictures

In November 2014,

I developed a very bad sore on my forearm.

My wife tried many antibacterial creams and salves to heal it but had no success for 3 months, so we scheduled a meeting with our Dr.

A friend recommended we try Schmitz Salve® because he knew of many instances where the salve healed infections when nothing else worked.

We saw noticeable improvement after each day of using Schmitz Drawing Salve. Three days into the treatment, we canceled the appointment with our DR because of the great improvement.

Although the sore continued to get smaller each day, I had a reaction to the adhesive used on the bandage so my wife switched to non-stick pads and paper tape. What a difference for people with sensitive skin. The sore is almost healed after only 7 days using the salve.

From now on, we will use Schmitz Drawing Salve on all our sores and highly recommend you give it a try. We think you too will be totally astonished at the healing power of Schmitz Drawing Salve.

Helps with Cold Sores

My boyfriend was given a small container of the salve, and told me it was supposed to be good for a lot of things. I could tell by the ingredient list that it was a good product. At the first tingle of a cold sore I applied a small amount at bedtime and by the next morning the potential sore simply went away, never manifested. I tried the same thing again later and it greatly reduced the intensity and duration of the cold sore.


I have used C. Schmitz Drawing Salve to cure staph infection, boils and to pull splinters from my skin. Many of my friends have used it to cure all kinds of wounds, even diabetic wounds that would not heal. Doctors could not heal my staph infection but Schmitz drawing salve healed it straightaway. The salve is light brown in color, has a paste texture and has a pleasant medicinal smell. I highly recommend it because you will not be disappointed.

anon356924 Post 56,

After Nothing The Doctor Prescribed Worked

Schmitz Salve

I was under a doctor’s care and unable to go to work because of staph infection. It was going on about three weeks of no work when my wife obtained some Schmitz drawing salve from my neighbor. He told her that his father had healed many staph infections with Schmitz drawing salve. With no relief coming from my Dr., we decided to use the Schmitz drawing salve. We applied the salve and cleaned the wound each day, and to our astonishment, the staph infections were healed within a couple of weeks.

“This salve works wonderfully well on staph infection.”

HE – Kansas City, Kansas

Schmitz Drawing Salve healed all my Staph infected wounds in 12 days.

Since 2010, I had been suffering from recurrent skin infections. These so-called boils and sores would appear as for no reason. At one given time, I would have several of these mainly on the lower arms and legs. These would be painful, would take 3 to 4 months to heal and leave visible scars. I was prescribed antibiotics on two different occasions, but this did not help me, and the boils and sores remained coming over and again. A wound swap culture test one month ago reported positive for Streptococci and MRSA. The MRSA was reported to be resistant to 06 and sensitive to 06 types of antibiotics. Despite doctors’ advice, I decided not to take stronger antibiotics. Instead, set out to search for alternative treatment methods to overcome this bacteriological infection. I was encouraged by the fact that 3 months earlier I had started taking Baraka (Diabsol) black seed oil (one capsule each morning) and noticed the virulence of the infections were lesser. I was confident my body’s own immune response could have improved. Yet, still I was left with several boils and sores which took time each day treating. I was looking for a drawing salve (which I knew existed those days) and which helped speed up the cleaning and healing of wounds. Surfing the internet, I found C. Schmitz Drawing Salve and was happy to receive it in 10 days crossing 02 oceans. From the start of day 01 applying this Drawing Salve, I have documented the process of healing with pictures each day. The result truly has been remarkable. The Salve does what it says – “it draws out the dirt and heals the wound” – and at a very quick speed. Evident from the pictures, all of the wounds (and some earlier) were healed within a period of 12 days. Without the Salve, I am certain, this could not have been possible. It would have taken 03 months or more.

Moreover, my attention was drawn also to a site which recommends taking Garlic to overcome MRSA definitely. The site not being very specific about how best to administer it: I am pounding fresh garlic (approx. 03 cloves) and take with water on an empty stomach trice daily, and without taking food or liquids for half an hour thereafter. So far, so good. At present, I am free of any skin infections. All my wounds have been healed after using the Drawing Salve, and for 02 weeks now, no single new boil/sore has appeared and which I regard also remarkable.

Thanks again Gary for the wonderful Salve!

Doctor Thomas

Helps with Diabetic Sores

My name is David, I am a Type 1 insulin dependent diabetic, I was told that this Schmitz Salve® would heal my sores that I have had on my leg, this leg has severe pain and extreme nerve damage and has been an issue with healing….I had the opportunity to use the Schmitz Salve® after 3 days of use the sore has completely healed…. prior to using the Schmitz Salve® it would usually take a couple of weeks and then it would scar …. Schmitz Salve® 3 day’s and light scar…. I after seeing the results myself and using the Schmitz Salve® I am recommending it to all , plus it’s all natural ingredients, a huge bonus! If you have any other questions or need anything else from me please reply….Thank you for your great all Natural product that is a miracle healing product!

David McCoy

Helped Heal an Infected Finger

After working in the back yard, my index finger suddenly became very red and swollen. Probably a spider or insect bite. After two days it was worse and looked like it might turn black and fall off. No kidding, it really scared me. I looked for my doctor’s phone number, then recalled Gary’s drawing salve. Two years ago Gary was camped next to us and gave my husband a sample of his drawing salve for a large scaly red bump growing on his wrist. Doctor’s wanted to remove it surgically. The drawing salve completely removed it in three weeks. It never came back. So why not try it on my finger. Wasn’t sure if it would still be potent after all this time, but it worked overnight! I put some on last night and bandaged it, they woke up this morning and it’s 90% healed. That’s incredible. Thank you Gary! Your salve is the BEST!

Facebook Testimonial

Recommended by Another Horse Rancher

Have small horse ranch, I have a Filly, a Mare and Gelding in past year has suffered from bad gash lacerations, caused by flying debris during severe a storm. Our horses are free roaming. After storms we always check them. When I noticed the lacerations, I immediately applied and packed the injuries with Schmitz Salve®, which I learned about from another rancher who told me how well it works for cuts, healing and preventing infections. In a very short time the injuries were healed so well I had to look hard to see were the injuries occurred.

“Great Salve – Highly Recommend, I have used it on myself and my two children for cuts and scrapes”

Deann – Hebo, Oregon

Always Keep Schmitz Salve®™ on Hand

Work outside in mechanical environments, building, fixing and repairs, etc. Often encounter cuts, scraps, metal and wood splinters. As soon as I can, I apply the Schmitz Salve® to aid healing and take the hurt, soreness and burning from the injury. Schmitz Salve® relieves and aids the affected area almost instantly.

“I keep this Schmitz Salve® nearby, it’s a must for me.”

schmitzCapt RF – Agricola, Mississippi

Helps with Spider Bites!

“A strange spider bit me that left a ‘target’ mark and a lot of swelling and soreness; I put the salve on, and it was cleared up in two days. Amazing! THANK YOU!”


Great for Pets

We care for several pets, dogs and horses. Had a Terrier that have several skin issues, redness, hair loss and sores that would not heal with normal suggested method by Vet Clinic. So decided to us Schmitz Salve®, applied to the areas mentioned. Applied as needed and after a few days noticed improvement to the areas after a few weeks hair was beginning to return. Sores, redness and rash faded away. Now over a year has passed and the condition has never returned.

“Summary, my pet is healed. Thanks Schmitz Salve®.”

Terry – San Leandro, California

Healed Staph Infection Within 2 Weeks

….laid up with Staph..,…healed within 2 weeks

I cut my hand on a piece of galvanized tin. Shortly after a blue streak started running up my arm. Being very busy on the farm I never thought to go to the doctor because of a little cut. I went to see my fiancé and her mother seen the blue streaks running up my arm and she said “it was blood poisoning.” My fiancé then and wife now is a descendent of the Schmitz family. She put Schmitz drawing salve on the wound and gave me some so I could keep applying it each day. I was totally amazed that the Schmitz drawing salve healed the wound and pulled the blood poisoning from my arm. Another time that I had great results from Schmitz Salve® is when I stepped on a rusty nail and it drove a piece of rubber into my foot. I put Schmitz drawing salve on my heel and within two weeks I found a piece of the green rubber boot on the Band-Aid. I was also laid up and unable to harvest my crops due to a bout with staph infection. I was under a doctor’s care and the staph infection kept multiplying. With 12-15 staph on my leg, my lovely wife decided to put Schmitz Salve® on it and within two weeks I was healed and out finishing my own harvest. Thank the good Lord for great friends and neighbors as they started my harvest while staph infection was keeping me down.

The drawing effects of Schmitz Salve® are so strong, “I believe it can pull a hatching hen off her nest.”

Richard – Alta Vista, Iowa

Schmitz Salve

My story starts in the summer of 2016. I was on vacation and I received a cut on the bottom of my foot from a seashell which I didn’t think was a big deal . But it was taking a long time to heal. I put a bandaid on it and antibiotic cream and it still didn’t seem to be healing and was getting worse so I called a Foot doctor in the winter of 2016 and they told me that my sugar must be high and it must be diabetic foot ulcer . I had blood work done and yes my sugar was high and I didn’t even know. This is why it was taking a very long time to heal so my doctor put me in a walking shoe and prescribed creams for the rest of 2016 and into 2017 and it still wasn’t healing. He then started to prescribe even more expensive cream and by the spring of 2018 it still wasn’t healing and my doctor was telling me that he may have to amputate because the whole was so deep and not getting better.

I went online myself and started looking up diabetic wound creams and skin issue creams and I came across the shcmitz drawing salve so I ordered it. I tried it and within 3 months I was seeing a difference, the hole was closing and new skin was growing. It is now completely healed as you can see in the picture. What a difference this stuff made for my life because. I now have my foot back to normal and no more worries and now my doctor is going to start carrying this and suggest to his patients with similar situations to get this to help them.

Kim, New Jersey