Shea Butter – Nature’s Gift

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a natural ingredient commonly used in skin and hair care products. It comes from the Shea Tree, which is generally found in Africa. Shea nuts are harvested, boiled, dried, and finally crushed to release the Shea butter. The ingredient has been used in skin treatments for thousands of years and there are […]


Tips for Healing Acne Naturally

Healing Acne

If you have been plagued by acne since your teen years, take heart, natural remedies promote healing and minimize new breakouts. Why let acne control your life, when alternative therapies can end your embarrassment forever? Drawing Salve Drawing salve is a centuries-old natural salve, used to “draw out” skin infections and bacteria. It is commonly used to treat sores, acne, cuts, poison ivy, insect […]

How to Treat Skin Boils at Home

Skin Boils

Regardless of age or health, you have likely dealt with boils at least once in your lifetime, and may again in the very near future. If you are like the vast majority of people, your first inclination was to poke, prod and squeeze the painful red lump on your skin, which is the worst thing […]

How to Deal with Pesky Splinters


While only small fragments of foreign bodies, splinters are one of the most uncomfortable of all annoyances in life. Generally speaking, splinters are harmless; however, if they are not removed from the skin, inflammation and infection may occur. Simply put, splinters are a small fragment of a larger type of object. The most common type of splinter occurs from wood; however, […]

Reducing and Prevent the Discomfort of Insect Bites

Insect Bites

In order to effectively reduce the discomfort associated with insect bites, the type of reaction occurring must first be considered. For example, if the bite has resulted in only a bit of pain and discoloration, the use of an ice pack may be sufficient in reducing discomfort. However, if an allergic reaction occurs or an infection […]

How to Manage Slow Healing Wounds


Slow healing wounds often occur as a direct result of critical-based illnesses and/or long-term disability. According to statistics, approximately 12% of all patients that are hospitalized and about 30% of all individuals that are residents in a skilled nursing facility experience slow healing wounds as a result of bed sores, complications with circulation, inflammation, and/or […]

Treating Weather-Induced Chapped Lips

Chapped Lips

Winter weather commonly causes chapped lips. While the lips are capable of drying out at any time during the year, dryness is especially common when the outdoor temperatures drop. According to research, the lips lack the oil glands and sweat glands that provide moisture to other parts of the skin. While many are capable of […]

The Top 10 Uses for Drawing Salves

10 Uses for Salves

Skin conditions and injuries can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, especially for active people who don’t have a lot of time to perform regular dressings and apply expensive topical solutions. Many will find that the pharmaceutical solutions often don’t work, and in some cases can even irritate existing skin conditions, making the problems even […]

How to Treat an Injured Pet

Injured Pet

Your pets are like furry children. They are completely dependent upon you for their every need and sometimes those needs are medical in nature. The question then becomes when can you treat an injury yourself and when do you need to call in the medical professionals. First and foremost, if you do not feel comfortable treating your […]

What to Know About How Drawing Salves Work

How Drawing Salves Work

Have you ever wondered how drawing salves work? Perhaps your Grandma took out a small jar or tube and used some of the ointment to rub over an insect bite on your hand. She smiled and perhaps hugged you, assuring you the itchiness and pain would soon go away. Most of the time it worked […]